Is there a deadline to create a fundraising page on Canada Helps for the event?

No! You can create a Canada Helps fundraising page to begin fundraising for this year’s event up until the date of the event. 


Does creating a fundraising page register me a spot at the event?

No. See below for details on how to register a spot for the event.


When does registration open? Is there a deadline to register my attendance to the event? Where do I register?

Registration to attend the event will open July 3, 2017, and will close Monday, August 14, 2017.

Once you've signed up as a fundraiser, you'll receive an email from us with the information you need to register to attend the event. 


Is there a minimum raised requirement to register for the event? What if I don’t meet that target?

Since this is our first year for YESS Quest, we want to play with as many people as possible! There isn't a minimum fundraising requirement, but you will have to be signed up as a fundraiser and register to attend the event if you want to join us.

Remember that YESS is a non-profit organization and that almost 65% of our annual budget is covered by fundraising and events like this. Everything you raise for YESS Quest helps us continue to provide programs and resources for youth experiencing homelessness in Edmonton.


how do i collect donations?

Once you sign up as a fundraiser, you'll have a unique page on Canada Helps where your friends, family, and fellow gamers can donate to you online. Share you page link, and all people have to do is click to find you!

You can also collect cash donations. Use this donation tracking form and bring the donations on the day to YESS Quest. If you aren't attending the event, you can bring your form and donation to our Whyte Ave building (9310 82 Ave) from Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM. It is very important that the information on this form is filled out correctly, since this is what allows us to issue tax receipts.


How many networked spots do you have?

We’ll have approximately 200 spots available.


Is seating assigned? My friends and I would like to sit together. How many spots can we get together?

Seating will be assigned; however, if you’re planning on attending the event with your team, we’ll be able to make sure you and your team are seated together. During the registration process, you will be able to provide details on your team, or your friends that you would like to be seated with. Solo gamers will be assigned a spot at random. 


Can I sign up to book a spot as a tabletop gamer? What if I want to play a specific game?

Yes! During the registration period, you will be able to indicate whether you are playing video games, tabletop games, or both.


I want to join the fundraiser, but want to stream from home on the day of the event. is this an option?

Yes! Even if you can’t join us physically during the event, we would love to see you and your friends participate from wherever you may be.


Is there an age limitation on who can play?

Nope. Gamers of all ages are welcome to play and raise money for YESS. If you are below the age of 18, we will require a waiver and/or adult supervision should you plan on attending the event for the full 24 hours.


Where is Northlands located? 

Northlands is located at 116 Avenue & 73 Street in Edmonton. Our event will be hosted in Rooms 301 & 302 near the bridge that connects to the Northlands Coliseum.


Where can I park and is it free?

Parking isn’t free but there are a lot of options onsite, starting at $15. Visit Northlands parking page for all the details. We recommend that you arrange to be dropped off and picked up for the event. You can also take public transit to the Coliseum Transit Centre/LRT station, but keep in mind how much gear you’ll be carrying!


What if I need to cancel because of an emergency? Can I transfer my spot to someone?

We'd hate you for to miss out on the event! If you can’t make it, we will provide your seat to one of the other fundraisers.


Where do I go once I arrive at Northlands and what time should I arrive?

  • Where to go:  Map of Rooms 301 & 302
  • Sign in procedures: Check back soon!
  • What you get when you sign in: Check back soon!


Do I have to stay the full 24 hours? Is there a place to take a nap if I need it?

You certainly don’t have to stay the full 24 hours, but we suspect you’ll want to--there will be lots of fun in store! There will be a facility lockdown that begins at 9PM and doors won’t re-open until 8AM on Sunday. If you’re still with us after 9PM, you’re with us for the long haul!

We’ll have activities, speakers, and other surprises throughout the course of YESS Quest. While we don’t offer a specific place to nap, you are allowed to bring a pillow and blanket and take a quick nap at your stations. We’ll fuel you up with snacks and caffeine to keep you going, and of course you’re welcome to travel home for a quick rest and return refreshed prior to the lockdown at 9PM.


If I’m having connectivity issues onsite or have other questions while I’m at the event, who can help me?

We will have on site volunteers helping us to manage the network connection throughout the event. These individuals will be setup within the Hall, and will be clearly identified at the start of the event.


How much do you hope to raise through YESS Quest? Will it be a yearly event?

Our goal is to raise $40,000 through fundraising. By joining us in this year’s inaugural event, you’ll not only be helping YESS empower youth from difficult realities, you’ll also help to solidify the future of next year’s event. Approximately 65% of our annual budget is covered through fundraising--we need champions like you to help us achieve it!


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