Youth Empowerment & Support Services is a relentlessly dedicated not-for-profit organization that shapes the future of Edmonton by supporting youth facing difficult realities.

The youth who bravely show up at our front doors come from all over. Each youth has a different story. Some have been neglected; some kicked out of their home because of their sexual orientation,  religious, or lifestyle choices or family conflict.  Others run away from home to escape physical, sexual, or verbal abuse.  Most have the odds stacked against them. Regardless of their circumstances, they are welcomed at YESS, where a dedicated and diverse team of people is whole-heartedly committed providing them with the resources, guidance, love and support they need to grow into thriving and independent adults.


Whether they require dinner, a bed, and safe place to sleep at our emergency shelter, long-term housing and guidance while they focus on finishing school, help writing a resume or addictions counselling from staff at our ARC daytime programs, youth who are in crisis will find the support they need at YESS.


Emergency Shelter & Long-Term Housing

Every night from 9PM-8AM YESS’ Nexus shelter gives youth living on the streets a warm and safe place to sleep.  Two long-term residential programs, Graham’s Place and Shanoa’s Place provide youth with a home-like environment  that provides structure and support.

Programs & Activities

YESS’ daytime program centre, ARC, has scheduled programming that helps youth learn how to navigate their lives--whether it be learning about how to save money, accessing a nurse for health concerns, writing an effective resume, or applying for scholarships.  ARC is also a safe place for youth to come and hang out, play a game of pool, read, paint, bake, and engage in positive activities.

Medical & Counselling Services

Our Mosaic program workers help youth in a one-on-one setting and work with them to determine what services they need and coordinate a support network.  Our Compass team offers mental health and addictions support, resources, referrals, and diversity assistance. A physician and psychologist also come once a week.


Food & Nutrition

When youth come to YESS they are provided with nutritious food and home-cooked meals at one of our 4 kitchens. They learn how to bake and cook, and youth in our residential programs often help do the grocery shopping with their house parent.

Love, Guidance & Support

Provided freely by YESS staff at every turn a youth could take. The staff at YESS are dedicated to providing unconditional encouragement and support, helping youth set goals, and celebrating their achievements with them.

Remarkable Experiences

Just like any other kid, our kids need happy moments. So whether it's a Saturday night "family" dinner, a night spent baking cupcakes, birthday parties, or recovery celebrations, we make sure remarkable experiences happen at YESS every day.