You wake suddenly from a sound sleep. In a nearby room, voices speak in low tones, too low for you to hear anything of interest. You take a deep breath, relaxing back into your bed and pulling the blankets closer as your mind begins to turn towards the day ahead. A smile touches the corners of your lips: you are ready—this, you know with a certainty, an undaunted determination that no one can break. You have been preparing for this day for what seems like forever.

 Choosing now to leave the comfort of the bed, you rise quickly and dress. You pack your bag carefully, choosing only those worn items that have earned a well-deserved spot amongst your belongings. You eat lightly, wrapping what remains and tucking it away for later: you know you’ll need it. Your boots, dusty and familiar, are pulled on like a second skin. Your cloak is the same: it’s seen better days but offers a level of comfort that somehow fills you with anticipation. You open the door and walk out, sunlight falling warm across your face.

Your adventure has begun.